How To Wash Brick Houses: The Professional Approach

by | May 9, 2022

A brick house is a popular architectural style across the country and washing a brick house is not an easy task! Occupants enjoy living in sturdy structures that withstand decades of daily activity and weathering. However, brick houses are not waterproof and can erode if the resident neglects them for too long. 

Every homeowner should know how to wash brick houses. Leveraging this wisdom is essential for the durability of the material and the home’s overall beauty. ClearView’s top-rated home washing services demonstrate washing a brick house appropriately.

Washing a Brick House: Pre-Washing

Don’t immediately jump into blasting the side of your home with a high-pressure water cleaner. Instead, take the time to consider important information about the house and which tools to use.

Protect your home before washing it by patching any visible cracks or holes in the surfaces. Patches prevent water and cleaner from seeping into vulnerable spots of the building. Remember to cover windows and electrical sockets as well. Broken glass and short circuits from water damage can create safety hazards and cost you thousands.

Check the pressure washer you are using. Pressure washing experts recommend that cleaners not exceed 800 psi on brick houses. Though brick is a hard surface, erosion will occur if you inflict high psi on the surface. 

To understand the vast differences in water pressure, consider that an average garden hose emits less than 50 psi of pressure. A commercial power washer can go into the thousands. Soft washing brick is the most effective way to clean this type of home.

Prepping the Surface

Once you select the proper tools and protect vulnerable areas, it’s time to begin the wash! Start by wetting the brick with warm water before adding any cleaners or detergent. Professional home care technicians soak surfaces with a bottom-up method. Doing so helps create an even layer of moisture. 

Be thorough by keeping the appropriate distance between your hose and the surface. Most home washers recommend a couple of feet. However, washing closer is not a bad idea if your water pressure is reasonable.

Next, know how to wash brick houses with the correct detergent. You should always use detergent with a certification to handle brick surfaces. 

After spraying the correct detergent (remember to use a bottom-up method), let the solution sit to loosen the dirt in the porous material. Combining baking soda and vinegar is a standard, brick-safe option. Apply the mixture to difficult stains if the discolouration is not improving.

Scrub Dirt Away

Once you select the proper tools and protect vulnerable areas, it’s time to prepare to use a little elbow grease for the next step! Scrubbing dirt away requires the right tools with a proper amount of force. If a low-power water spray doesn’t do the job, try using a rotary scrub brush for tougher stains and vegetation.

Control the pressure you apply during a wash by utilizing less-abrasive manual tools. For example, don’t use power tools to clean bricks. Even though this sort of masonry may be hard to scrub, power tools and wire brushes can strip paint and create excess damage on the surface.
Using power tools while washing a brick house is also a safety hazard for the operator. You should never sacrifice your safety to wash your home.

Rinse and Complete

Once you observe a noticeable difference in the colour and cleanliness of your brick surfaces, it’s time to rinse. Be sure that your method washes away any excess dirt and detergent. Leaving cleaner on your brick can wear down its material.

While washing a brick house, Notice where stains are still present after a rinse. These spots require more detail and attention and could indicate damage. Test the area with a spray bottle and see how the stains react to baking soda and vinegar.

Enlist a Qualified Home Service Technician

Washing a brick house can be exhausting and time-consuming. Luckily, there are service technicians ready to help! ClearView Home Services is the right company if you want to outsource the job to a crew you can trust. 

Our team has serviced thousands of residents in British Columbia with over twenty-five years of experience. We guarantee quality service and customer satisfaction in every partnership. Don’t wait to learn more about how to wash brick houses. Treat your home with the care you and your family deserve!

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