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If gutters are not cleaned regularly, clogged downspouts can cause thousands of dollars of water damage to your property. Most people believe that gutters need only be cleaned once a year – in the fall when trees lose their leaves. However, debris also falls in the spring, when trees bud and drop their seeds causing build up a lot earlier in the year.  Keeping your gutters well maintained throughout the year can save you future headaches, time, and of course money.

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More About Gutter Cleaning

Why Hire Us For Gutter Cleaning?

Believe it or not, professional gutter cleaning or eavestrough cleaning plays an important role in the safe maintenance of your home.  For one, you never have to worry about climbing an unstable ladder.  For another, our experts are trained at delivering you, our customer, the best gutter cleaning service money can buy!

As you already may know, gutters can get clogged up pretty quickly from the constant build-up of leaves, sticks, debris, mud, roof shingles, and more.  It doesn’t take long before you start to see water pouring over the sides and on to the ground.  The problem is that water doesn’t just land on the ground.  It seeps into the ground and into your basement.

How Do Dirty Gutters Affect You?

Once the dirty gutters start to fill up and the water can no longer pass through, a few things can happen:

  1. The overflowing water can wear on your foundation resulting in cracks and water seeping into the basement.
  2. The water can also overflow inward past the fascia boards, under the shingles, and into the attack.  The result?
    • The water will damage your ceiling insulation and drywall.
    • The water will crawl down inside the walls and damage your insulation and drywall.
  3. The weight of the debris and water can cause the gutters to collapse or break away from the fascia resulting in a full replacement.

Just know that the longer the waiting period, the higher the risk of mold and mildew building up in areas inside your home.  The last thing you do want is a full out renovation project due to mold.

As you can see it’s not a matter of just making your house pretty.  The gutters need to be cleaned regularly in order for your home to do its job in keeping you safe and healthy.  We recommend a thorough gutter cleaning in the fall right after the leaves have fallen.

We here at ClearView Home Services do our best to ensure that your gutters are clean and able to do their job at controlling the water flow away from your home.  That includes us unclogging your downspouts as well.

Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned With Gutter Guards?

If you do have gutter guards, remember that doesn’t mean you never have to have your gutters cleaned again.  This just means you don’t have to do it as much.  The organic matter still degrades in time and along with shingle debris, they will form heavy, muddy sediment at the bottom of your gutters.  This will prevent the flow of water from your downspouts.  We can safely remove the gutter guards to clean the gutters as well, so if you need a professional business to clean your gutters, don’t delay and get in touch with us.


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Our Gutter Cleaning Process

The goal is to have clear running gutters all year round to take the water from your roof away from your house without damaging your home or landscaping.  Gutter Cleaning is very crucial to the safety of your home’s foundation.  It is recommended to have them cleaned at least once per year.
Roof Debris Removal

We start the cleaning process by blowing and removing as much debris off the roof as we can. This includes loose moss, branches, and leaves. This is an important step to ensure that once gutters are clear, debris is not going to get washed, blown or rolled into your nice clean gutters during the next storm and cause blockage or water overflow.

Gutter Cleaning

Remove all debris from inside the gutters. This will always be done in the safest and most efficient manner. Debris will be removed by hand, a scoop, or a broom, but most effectively with a blower. This gets the most debris out including the roof shingle granules. It also means the tech spends less time on the roof cleaning the gutters which is safer for everyone.

Clean Up

This is just as important to us as making sure that the gutters are running properly. After we have completed the gutter cleaning service, we will use the blower to clean up any debris on the ground. Hoses are used to rinse anything that needs it, and brushes will be used to scrub anything stubborn. We want to leave your home in better shape than when we arrived.



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Best Window cleaners in Port Coquitlam
Best Window cleaners in Port Coquitlam
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