List of Pressure Washing Facts and Myths for Homeowners

by | Feb 14, 2022

Many homeowners don’t appreciate professional cleaning as much as they should, and pressure washing myths are why they take these services for granted.

Pressure washing is more than releasing high-pressure water and cleaning dirty surfaces. There is an entire industry around the cleaning process, so there are so many companies that offer pressure washing services. Getting pressure washing in Surrey from ClearView Home Services is an excellent way to remove the most stubborn stains from your driveway, patio, or siding to enjoy a clean exterior for years to come.

The ClearView Home Services team commits itself to delivering professional pressure washing services plus informing and educating clients. We’ve collected these facts and myths to educate homeowners on how pressure washing works.

The Power Washing Process

Cleaning stone walls, concrete, and wood is a time-consuming process. However, due to the numerous improvements in mechanical technologies, washing companies have potent machines to make the work easy and more efficient.

Today, power washing is valuable for eliminating mold and mildew from driveways, black stains from roofs, and stubborn blemishes from wooden patios. It is more effective than a garden hose and can clean an entire house in a few hours.

Don’t let these pressure washing myths stop you from enjoying the multiple benefits of professional cleaning. With the right pressure washing company by your side, you can ensure your home is always in pristine condition.

Pressure Washing Is Vital When the House Is Moldy and Dirty

Calling a pressure washer only when the house is stained and covered with mold is a big mistake. With pressure washing, you can remove stubborn stains and complex elements on brick, concrete, or wood surfaces, which otherwise could impact the property look and decrease house value.

If you want to ensure your house is in pristine condition, you shouldn’t wait to see stains before considering power washing. It is better to prevent stains from occurring than waiting for them to build on the roof or around the window frames, thus impacting the overall look of your home.

Pressure Washing Is an Easy DIY Job

You can pressure wash your house yourself if you have the experience, tools, and skills to safely eliminate specific types of algae, build-up dirt, and accumulated dust.

Homeowners get their properties professionally power washed to save time and money. Professional teams have the necessary experience and equipment to remove even the most hard-to-reach stains from the property. Reliable power washing companies also use appropriate cleaning agents to remove specific stains.

You Can Power Wash Every Surface at The Property

Some crevices and corners in a house require careful cleaning due to their sensitivity. In addition, some places don’t tolerate high-pressure water, such as decorative accessories, overhangs, and windows. These parts of your home should receive soft washing to prevent the material or surface from deteriorating.

Some wood types also require special attention. If they absorb a higher amount of water, it can lead to expensive damage and water intrusion. When you partner with a professional power washing team, they will know what materials and areas are susceptible to water damage and require appropriate treatment.

Choosing the Cheapest Power Washing Company Is Fine

Like other services, you get what you pay for when it comes to pressure washing. One of the typical pressure washing myths is that price doesn’t affect quality. But, more often than not, the price reflects the quality of a company’s equipment, industry knowledge, and cleaning products.

If you value your property, and we believe you do, you deserve the best quality care. You can compare various local companies offering pressure cleaning and select the most reliable team with modern equipment, a list of satisfied customers, and a track record of successful projects.

These five myths will help you understand more about the pressure washing process and help you make the right choice the next time you need such services.

#1 Professional Pressure Washing Team in Surrey, BC

Now that you are familiar with the pressure washing myths, it is time to find an appropriate team to help you remove all impurities and keep your home in pristine condition. There is no better pressure washing team in Surrey, BC, than ClearView Home Services.

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