How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

by | Dec 10, 2021

Are you wondering how often should you pressure wash your house? Is your residential property starting to look grimy and outdated? Does the siding or facade look mottled and dirty? If so, it is time to wash your house and add shine to the property’s exterior. 

House pressure washing professionals in Surrey, BC, can help you get rid of the most stubborn stains from your roof, gutters, and windows and restore the bright look of your home. 

Wondering how often to pressure wash your house and what factors may affect the power washing schedule? In this post, you will find the answers to the most common questions and all the information you need to know regarding the pressure washing process. 

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a highly effective method for cleaning surfaces. The pressure washer device fires high-pressurized hot water to wash away dust and dirt in a matter of seconds, leaving the surface looking new. 

One of the main benefits of pressure washing is that it can also use cold and hot water to remove stubborn stains like grease and oil. 

When Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

It is difficult to say when you should pressure wash your house because many factors impact this decision. Power washing your roof, windows, and gutters can extend the life of your property and decrease the need for replacements and repairs. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you need to clean your exterior at least once a year. 

Some houses need more frequent power washing treatments. Here are a few factors that may affect your power washing schedule. 


If you live in a relatively new subdivision in Surrey, BC, with a lot of construction happening around, your exterior will get dirty faster due to the gravel dust and high vehicle traffic. If you live in a more rural area, your house may also attract dirt and debris every time someone drives in front of the property. 

Homes that have several trees near the property may also need more frequent power washing. Trees leak sap from the limbs and leaves, especially during a rainy season, and leave spots on your roof and gutters. You want to call a local washing company quickly to remove the stains so they don’t cause damage to the roof material or siding. 

Pressure Wash Your House Before a Paint Job 

When the paint on your exterior is old or starting to peel, many homeowners in Surrey, BC, consider repainting it to freshen up the look. Before a paint project, it is essential to clean your house and remove all debris, dirt, mold, and grime. 

New paint won’t stick if placed on a dirty surface, and your new color won’t look as good as it should.

Buildup of Mold or Mildew

Knowing how often to pressure wash your house on a schedule is one thing. However, if you notice fungus and algae around the property, you should consider pressure washing more often.

Mold and mildew around window frames, on top of roofs, or around gutters look unsightly and contain spores that can spread with wind and cause allergic reactions. 

If you notice your home is susceptible to mildew that accumulates fast on the surface, you should consider frequent pressure washing treatments. 

Pressure Wash Your House Before Selling a Property 

If you plan to put your property up for sale, you should consider cleaning your home adequately. A clean and bright home will attract more potential customers and sell faster than a house with an outdated facade or dirty roof. 

Storm Cleanup 

After a big storm, your property in Surrey, BC, may look rough. Surrey has an oceanic climate, with rainy winters and heavy rainfall from spring to winter. Storms in this area manifest with high winds, capturing debris and leaving it around your windows, roof, or gutters.

It is essential to remove any storm dirt and debris from your property as soon as possible to keep the surface from rotting and causing extensive damage. With power washing, you can do a deep cleaning which is impossible to achieve with a garden hose and soapy water. 

Professional Pressure Washing Company in Surrey, BC

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