5 Common Causes of Dirty Roof Shingles

by | Nov 11, 2021

Your home or business’s roof can quickly accumulate dirt, algae, and other debris, resulting in aesthetic issues. If you notice that your roof is looking increasingly dirty, you may be wondering: What causes this change in appearance?

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some causes of dirty roof shingles by exploring the five most common issues. 

1. Moss on Roof Shingles

When the weather is humid, moss can quickly become one of your roof’s most problematic issues. This flowerless plant can spread rapidly when the conditions are right, which can impact the appearance of your home or business. 

While moss makes your roof look dirty, it can also result in other problems for your home or business. Moss can promote moisture damage and other complications, which means that it can impact the viability of your roof. Routinely tackling moss issues is essential if you want to avoid roof problems. 

2. Algae

Algae is another major culprit for damaging the appearance of your shingles. While algae won’t cause the same structural damage to your roof as moss, it can still quickly make your shingles look dirty. 

Removing algae without shingle cleaning experience can be tricky, especially if you’re seeking a long-term solution for the issue. It’s worthwhile to call a professional roof cleaning contractor to fix an algae issue. You can also install algae-resistant shingles on your home or business. 

3. Leaves

If you live in an area with a large number of trees, your roof will likely have leaves spread across its shingles on a routine basis. This issue occurs most frequently during fall. 

Leaves can cause a variety of problems for your home or business. While they’re known for clogging your gutters and other drainage system components, they can also damage the appearance of the shingles on your home. Leaves can stain your shingles, which can reduce your home or business’s curb appeal. 

If you want to remove stains from your shingles, working with a roof cleaning company that offers effective cleaning services is essential. 

4. Pollution

It’s not just natural elements that cause roof appearance problems—pollution can also result in dirty roof shingles. For those that live in cities, auto pollution and other air pollution sources can impact the appearance of your shingles. It doesn’t take long for pollution exposure to begin altering the appearance of your roof. 

If you notice your shingles are losing their shine, pollution could be one of the main culprits. It can also alter brickwork and other property elements. Routine external house cleaning may be necessary if you live in a city with severe pollution. 

5. Other Debris

Other types of debris can also cause your roof’s shingles to become dirty. Sticks, branches, animal droppings, toys, and other objects can clog your gutters, resulting in numerous issues. 

Firstly, the debris can damage your shingles if it spills over from the gutters onto your roof. It can also cause water to overflow, which can result in accelerated mould and algae growth. 

How Long Does It Take To Clean a Roof?

If your home or business has dirty roof shingles, you may be wondering how long it takes to clean a roof

The length of time it takes to clean your roof will depend on the size of your roof and a host of other factors. Still, a skilled roof cleaning company should be able to clean your roof in a single day. They will use a pressure washer and other cleaning technologies to tackle hard-to-remove dirt and stains from your home or business’s roof. 

Make sure to choose a roofing contractor that can clean your roofing type properly. For example, if you have zinc or copper roofing, you need to confirm with your roofing company that they can clean this type of material. 

Compared to other home improvement services, cleaning dirty roof shingles is a quick and effective way to improve the curb appeal of your home or business. While it’s essential to keep your roof clean on a regular basis, this home maintenance solution is much less expensive than repairing severe roof issues.

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