Why a Gutter Cleaning Company Saves You Money

by | Aug 11, 2020

Reasons That Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company Is A Long Term Solution

When walls get wet, they are prone to getting mold. However, this hazardous predicament can be prevented with a properly cleaned gutter system. The primary purpose of a debris-free gutter is to divert water away from your house. Additionally, your homes’ gutters also protect the house’s foundation and prevent the basement from flooding.

For a gutter or an eavestrough system to perform its task effectively, it should be maintained regularly. A professional gutter cleaning company would recommend homeowners clean their gutters twice per year, but at the very least in the fall. To get the best possible results, we recommend contacting a gutter cleaning company that you trust.

That being said, below are some facts about why gutter cleaning saves you money.

Why Are Clean Gutters Important?

Many homeowners tend to overlook gutter cleaning, but they shouldn’t. Heavy rains can cause expensive consequences to your house. Without a working gutter system, your windows, foundation, and siding can be the result of serious problems to your home down the road.

Simply put, risking the exterior of your home is why you should properly clean and maintain your gutter at all times. Eavestrough cleaning is a task that should be done by a team of professionals and not as a DIY project because they have the safety equipment and the tools to ensure the job gets done right.

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Gutters Yourself

Cleaning the Gutter is a task that should be considered as a priority. Hence it should not be delayed beyond the point of when you notice significant amounts of water overflowing the gutters. Rather than performing the task yourself causing further damage or consequently adding risk to injury from a fall, you can instead contact a professional gutter cleaning company familiar with the gutter system.

This will also significantly save you more money in the long run.  Hiring an expert gutter cleaning business is more affordable than having to spend thousands of dollars having to replace your gutters or eavestroughs.  It’s important that you hire a gutter cleaning company that will be transparent with what they offer you and how they can help.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutter

Regular cleaning of your gutters ensures that it works smoothly without complications; below are some of the benefits of a regularly maintained gutter system.

  • Makes your home look more appealing.
  • Prevents your landscape and yard from getting damaged.
  • Enhances the lifespan of your gutter system.
  • Prevents rainwater from causing any damages to your house.

These but a few of the obvious benefits of having clean gutters.

When To Know If It’s Time To Clean Your Gutter

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When homeowners neglect to take care of their gutters properly, they will end up clogged with debris and leaves, which will later result in water building up and overflowing the gutter. This is why having gutter cleaning services at the appropriate time is important. Below are six indications of when it is time to clean your gutter.

1. Your Siding Starts to Stain and Change Color

As mentioned, gutters often get clogged with water when leaves and debris restrict it from flowing. This consequently leads the rainwater overflowing and spills down your homes’ siding. This is a red flag, so ensure that you get in touch with a gutter cleaning company as soon as possible.  This is an indication of a poorly maintained gutter system and your home’s foundation may be a risk.

3. Plants are Growing In Your Gutters

If you see plants sprouting from your Gutter, that is certainly an indication its time. When dirt is carried by wind and disposed of in the gutter, it will eventually accumulate to provide an ideal home for seeds disposed of in the gutter. As the seeds, leaves, and dirt pile up, they form a thick mud inside the gutters that the normal water flows from rain cannot move.  It usually needs to be removed by hand or gutter cleaning tools. Contact a gutter cleaning near you and learn how to address the issue.

4. Birds Are Flocking To Your Gutters

A clogged gutter provides ready material for birds that are busy building nests. Since birds use branches and leaves to build their nests, debris can be easily found in clogged gutters. Hence it is important to keep an eye for birds since they indicate a clogged gutter.  There is also a surplus of easy to find grubs and insects that have made your gutters their home.

5. Stagnating Water Near Your House’s Foundation

Gutters have one job. If that job is compromised, it can pose a liability to the foundation of your house. A pool of water is probably the last thing that a homeowner would want in or around the house. A small amount of water won’t cause a significant issue to the foundation; however, a vast volume of water will definitely cause some complications to your foundation. This is why professional gutter cleaning is essential.

6. If Your Gutter is Sagging And Pulling Away From Your Home

Gutters are not designed to hold a lot of weight.  They are only designed to transport water that comes off your roof and away from your home. When it is clogged from the leaves and debris it may cause additional stress on your gutter system and wood fascia, which may later result in the gutter falling off. 

Is It Time To Call a Gutter Cleaning Company?

A compromised gutter can easily damage your house and cost an arm and a leg if it is not addressed right away.  ClearView Home Services offers gutter cleaning in Maple Ridge as well as most of the Greater Vancouver area. If you don’t think you can clean the gutters yourself and you need help from a professional gutter cleaning company you can trust, then get in contact with ClearView Home Services.

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