The Top 4 Health Benefits of Clean Windows

by | Feb 15, 2021

Why Clean Windows are Part of a Healthy Home

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Trying to keep up with cleaning all the interior and exterior windows of your home can be exhausting. Cleaning exterior windows on upper floors are downright dangerous without the right equipment. That’s why many families depend on professional window cleaners to help with the task.

There are many ways dirty windows can affect your peace of mind and health. Below are the top four health benefits you stand to gain from streak-free windows.

1. Clean Windows Eliminate Allergens

The windows in your home collect more than fingerprints, even if you clean them frequently. Allergens may be hidden among the particles that cloud your view. Windowsills are magnets for dust, skin dander, pet hair, and pollen, which can get into your home if the windows are left open or are not airtight.

The symptoms of allergic reactions can range from itchy eyes and runny noses to fatigue, headaches, and even nausea. A professional window cleaning service can reduce household allergy exposure.

2. Mold – Enough Said

No family wants toxic mold building up in their home. It may surprise you to know that such mold can develop in and around your windows and windowsills. The condensation that forms around windows creates ideal conditions for mold growth. It can even grow between the glass panes.

Often in undetectable nooks, mold can be difficult to spot. Dark brown or black spots on or around the window frame or windowsill indicate mold growth. This mold can make your family ill, even if they aren’t allergic to it.

If you suspect there is mold on your windows or windowsills, glass cleaner alone is not enough. Call professionals right away to clean it up.

3. Avoid Arachnid Infestation With Clean Windows

Spiders are beneficial to the environment outside of your home, but you don’t usually want to invite them in. Species like a sac and jumping spiders are fond of exterior windows for making their homes. Their webs catch flying insects, creating unwanted Halloween decor on your screens.

Don’t chance a spider bite just to clean your windows. Call a professional window cleaner to rid your exterior windows of spider infestation.

4. Don’t Risk Getting Hurt!

Those dirty windows might be hiding more danger than you know. From covered cracks to loose glass panes, hidden dangers lurk behind the dust. You could find rotting frames or broken window casings. There are many ways that windows could break and injure you during cleaning.

Attempting to clean the exterior windows of your home from the inside can also be hazardous. Why risk falling from a window to get a streak-free shine? Call in the professionals!

Taking care of your health and family requires proper maintenance of your home. If you want a reliable company to do a great window cleaning job, then visit ClearView Home Services or call today at (604) 944-9972 to get an estimate.

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