Is it Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

by | Jun 9, 2022

Is it safe to pressure wash vinyl siding if you want it to last? Many local property owners invest in vinyl sidings as a long-term way to preserve the value of these fixtures, but it does require some intentional cleaning and maintenance. Pressure washing is one solution that seems like an affordable and quick way to handle vinyl siding, but are there risks?

Below, we explore how to pressure wash vinyl siding safely and how house-washing services by ClearView Home Services might help you with the task.

What Is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a popular and durable house siding option for many residential and commercial properties in British Columbia because it is:

  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive on any building
  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof and more

Vinyl siding is also made with weather-resistant plastic (polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin) that protects the exterior exceptionally well. The material comes in different styles, including board and batten, clapboard, shakes, or wood siding. It is a siding choice that has been around for decades, a proven option for maintaining high-quality exterior finishes for properties of all sizes.

Safety Tips for Pressure Washing Vinyl

One of the other advantages of installing vinyl siding is that it is easy to install. It also lasts for years without fading or cracking like different types of cladding, such as wood or stone. However, pressure washing vinyl siding safely does take some skill.

Vinyl is a synthetic material that requires special care to keep it looking good and functioning well. However, cleaning vinyl siding is easy for professionals like ClearView Home Services and their team shares a few tips that may come in handy below:

  • Start by cleaning: The surface should be pretty clean and dry before a full pressure wash. It is the best way to avoid embedding dirt more profound into the vinyl. The more frequently you clean it, the easier it is to keep the surface smooth.
  • Do not spray directly: We mix the cleaning solution in a bucket and apply it with a sponge mop or rag. Spraying it directly onto the surface will cause damage.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Is it safe to wash vinyl siding with commercial cleaning products? Yes, but it is best to avoid bleach or ammonia on the siding because it causes discoloration. Abrasive cleaners may also scratch the vinyl’s surface coating, leading to wear and tear.
  • Use soft brushing techniques: A soft bristle brush is better for scrubbing stubborn stains or mould. A stiff bristle brush could damage the vinyl.
  • Clean with warm water: Warm water is adequate when cleaning your home’s exterior. It prevents dirt from caking onto exterior surfaces and prevents mould growth.
  • Do not forget to rinse: The final step is to rinse the soap off with a garden hose or power washer with low water pressure to prevent residue or unsightly streaks.

The Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing for Vinyl Siding

Professional power washers like ClearView Home Services use powerful gas pressure washers of 2,500-3,000 psi. We also know how to effectively use bleach-free and ammonia-free commercial detergents to clean vinyl siding safely. However, we are also cautious about using a lower gas pressure washer of about 1,200 to 1,500 psi to protect any vinyl siding that shows cracks and other issues.

Other benefits of using our professionals for this task include:

  • Fast, efficient home exterior cleaning
  • Thorough work that does not cause damage
  • Quick solutions for dirt, grime, mould, and other residues
  • Affordable packages

Regular pressure washing is an excellent idea for Canadian property owners because it reveals underlying structural issues so that you can address them before they become expensive. The service also protects the health of the property’s residents and employees by keeping allergens like pollen and algae at bay each season.

Why Choose A Trusted Pressure Washing Company in Surrey, BC?

Are you a property owner in Surrey, BC, or the surrounding areas? Pressure washing vinyl siding has extensive benefits, including a safe and affordable way to keep the place clean and free of contaminants. Professionals like ClearView Home Services also offer trained, insured, and experienced pressure washers who know how to bring out the best results without damaging the property’s surfaces or fixtures.

Is it safe to pressure wash vinyl siding yourself? Our professionals recommend erring on the side of caution. Call ClearView Home Services at (604) 944-9972 today to learn more about exterior home cleaning services or schedule your next affordable pressure cleaning session with us in Surrey, BC.

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