The Importance of Roof Health & Why Roof Cleaning Matters

by | Apr 9, 2021

The Importance of Roof Health & Why Roof Cleaning Matters

Roof cleaning is an area that homeowners hardly consider during days on the ground. There are so many other responsibilities in running a household that the roof and gutters are never foremost on the list of priorities. Organizing a pressure washer to do it yourself also doesn’t seem appealing (or safe).

However, roof washing is crucial for several reasons, including the health of your roof’s surface and structure. In this post, we’ll show you why.

Benefits of Roof Health:

Roof Health Means Fewer Ice Dams

In colder climates, ice dams typically form around debris or snow pockets on your roof. The snow cannot slide off the edges and melts into place. As the meltwater runs down the slope, it freezes again, usually settling along the eaves and forming a wall of ice.

The ice provides a further barrier to drainage, starting a vicious cycle of freezing and blockage. The additional weight can crack shingles and quickly damage the roof’s structural integrity.

Most roofing manufacturers recommend a thorough roof cleaning just before the cold arrives to minimize this risk. You may also opt to clean the surface after a bout of bad weather.

Kills Algae, Moss, Mold, and Mildew

Removing algae or any other growth from the roof should be a priority. Algae is specifically problematic because it traps the heat from the sun. You’ll experience hot spots within your home and have to pay a higher energy bill.

Growth also damages the roofing materials, eating through a wooden shingle and cracking or damaging clay tiles. The organisms send out spores, blown by the wind into your home to further spread the problem and endanger your health.

A simple, affordable roof washing every three years safeguards your home and loved ones.

Roof Health Means Less Shingle Damage

Dirt and debris on the roof can become problematic as well. When dampened by rain, sand might be abrasive enough to scour an asphalt shingle. The same can be said for small twigs and leaves.

Debris can also seriously damage your roof’s waterproofing by scratching off the asphalt. Without this protective layer, moisture will seep through into the building’s structure.

Leaks of this nature are difficult to detect and don’t necessarily manifest as annoying dripping or puddles. Instead, the structure of the home absorbs it, but you’re unlikely to notice it until the water damage is advanced.

Extensive water damage requires expensive repairs. You may even open the wall to find rotting support beams, mildew, and mould.

Roof Health Means Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

An expert cleaning for your roof makes it easier to spot minor issues. Metal roofs show the dirt quickly and may scratch or dent when the wind whips up debris. Dirt also hides in worn shingles and roof rot.

After cleaning, our technician will keep an eye out for potential trouble spots as a final inspection.

Roof Health Means Improves the Curb Appeal

Potential buyers might be willing to take on renovations, but where most will draw the line is an expensive repair, like a full replacement. A stained, dirty surface gives the impression that the former homeowner neglected proper maintenance.

You can create a great first impression by presenting a home that’s clean from top to bottom.

What to Expect

If you watch a professional roof cleaner at work, the process looks easy. Our trained technicians know how to work efficiently and stay safe.

They start by applying a biodegradable disinfectant to kill mold, mildew, moss, and algae. Water won’t work effectively because it only moves the organisms around the area. Your roof will look clear for a while, but then you’ll start to notice trouble spots in other areas.

The technician then uses a low-pressure washing technique to remove dirt and debris. The advantage of a soft wash is that it’s effective and won’t cause damage to your roof. The final stage is a thorough rinse and a last check for any missed areas.

Why Choose Us?

ClearView Home Services has been the trusted soft washing expert in the Greater Vancouver area for 33 years. Our experience in roof cleaning makes even the toughest project simple.

We use state-of-the-art equipment combined with soft washing techniques for the best results without causing any damage. Our professionals combine the equipment with biodegradable cleaning products to reduce our environmental footprint. Our technique is so effective that you will only need roof maintenance every three years.

With us, you can experience the ClearView Home Services difference. Call our professionals at (604) 944-9972 today for roof cleaning tips or to schedule an appointment.

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