Key Considerations That Affect House Washing in British Columbia

by | Aug 10, 2022

House washing is an integral part of good home maintenance. It ensures that the exterior of your home is clean and free from contaminants. But why exactly should you consider a house washing service?

The average house washing cost will vary depending on where you live in British Columbia. Fortunately, ClearView Home Services provides affordable house washing for all of British Columbia. For Langley’s top-rated house washers, call ClearView Home Services at (604) 944-9972 for a custom quote. 


The washing cost of a home primarily depends on its size. Due to a larger surface area, bigger homes may run up the costs to pressure wash a house. For example, a multi-story house may cost more than a single-story house or ranch-style home. 

To get a good idea of your house washing cost based on property size, figure out the square footage of your home. The square footage gives the cleaning company an accurate picture of how much they will need to clean and how long the cleaning will take. Likewise, you will get a precise estimate of your fee.  

House Washing Cost: Assessing the Amount of Grime

A home with a lot of buildup and grime will likely cost more to clean. That is because it takes longer for washers to clean layers of accumulated residue than one coating of dust and dirt. The cost to power wash a home may also fluctuate if the job takes longer.

Another reason longstanding residue may make house washing difficult is because of damage. A home sitting beneath filth is at risk for decomposition. House washers may be wary of the precision required to not cause further harm. 


A home’s material or siding will likewise impact pressure washing costs. Natural housing surfaces like stone, wood, and clay may require soft washing or a more meticulous cleaning. That is because the PSI, or pressure per square inch, may cause damage to natural materials.

The material of your home may also require a more expensive cleanser for washing. If your house washing company can clean your home’s natural exterior, they may use gentle cleaning agents. Cleansers made for cleaning natural materials are typically more expensive than standard chemical cleaners.

Type of Service

The type of service provided may affect the house washing cost. For example, a pressure washing service may cost more or less than a soft washing service. Pressure washers need a higher intensity of water flow, so that additional force may affect the cost. 

When calling to schedule a house washing service, enquire about the difference in price between services. A dependable cleaning company will give upfront costs and a clear explanation for services. 

Cleaning Other Items

Additional home spaces such as roofing, gutters, and windows may not be part of the set house washing cost. These areas are typically additions with their own prices or part of a complete house cleaning service. Consider whether you want your entire house washed or only the siding to offset costs.

Some house washing companies will offer even more external pressure washing services such as driveway and patio cleaning. Enquire about these services and think about whether they are essential for your home’s exterior cleaning. 


Ultimately, the most crucial factor in any house washing cost is the amount of time to clean. A small clean siding will not take as long as a large home with lots of residue. If you have a large house but want to keep costs down, get cleanings regularly to avoid excessive dirt buildup.

Another thing you can do to cut down on time is move outdoor objects out of the way. Items like vehicles, lawn furniture, gardening equipment, children’s toys, and other things take time to remove for cleaning. When the technician does not have to remove any items, the cleaning goes significantly faster.

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