Best Way To Fogging And Disinfecting Your Business – What Should You Do?

by | Nov 18, 2020

Fogging and Disinfecting – Should You Fog, Disinfect, and Sanitize Your Place of Business?

Operating a business during the Covid 19 pandemic has become somewhat troublesome.  Especially if your business serves its clients indoors. It is a disaster that has presented various obstacles that not many businesses encounter regularly. These include ensuring the workplace is safe at all times, despite the high levels of traffic most brick and mortar businesses experience each day.

The state has issued various guidelines and protocols that are important for running businesses during such a pandemic. So, if one asks, “should you be sanitizing, fogging, and disinfecting your place of business?” The answer would be a solid “YES!”. Businesses that use techniques will be able to maintain their operations and push through the pandemic.

We shall start this guide by getting an in-depth understanding of these key terms, the benefits of this process, tips, and key factors associated with the process.

Key Terms and How They Relate to Improving Your Fogging and Disinfecting Knowledge

These key terms can seem similar, and it’s good if you understand each unique process and how it relates to making your business environment clean. They include: 

What is Fogging?

The weight of research today shows that, even if in small quantities, the coronavirus can also survive in the form of an aerosol. An aerosol in this case refers to a solid or liquid state in the air. However, this only occurs in limited conditions, such as intimate partners. 

Even if the virus is relatively harmless in this state, it can still lead to new infections under the right conditions. 

Fogging involves using aerosol sprays with disinfectant to clean the air. Usually, users of the room have to leave and let the fogging product take effect.

What is Disinfecting?

It’s a process involving a chemical agent to clean various aspects of a setup, such as a building. Since the coronavirus can exist on various surfaces and even in the air, your business place can benefit from the disinfecting process. 

During the disinfection process, your service provider will apply a special cleaning agent on all surfaces in your building. It may include walls, desks, seats, and any other aspect of your building. 

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitizers are substances that can perform both disinfecting and cleaning procedures. Usually, they are less potent when compared to disinfectants. However, they are suitable for cleaning items that people are likely to use in your business. 

More so, sanitizing in relation to the Coronavirus, also incorporating measures that can help reduce the spread of the virus in the building. These include incorporating handwashing booths, hand sanitization areas, and more. 

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Benefits of This Process

The benefits of using the fogging and disinfecting process are to improve your business are inherent. Below are some of them:

  • It helps reduce Covid-19 infections – using the right sanitizing or fogging and disinfecting products can help reduce the rate of infections in your business. Some people are carriers but never show symptoms, so it’s important to be careful at all costs.
  • Can kill other harmful microbial – mold, bacteria, flu viruses, and more are sometimes present in the environment. Fogging and disinfecting your place of business thus helps make your environment cleaner than before.
  • Ensures your business meets state regulations – in protecting its citizens, the state has released various guidelines and Covid-19 regulations over the past few months. Failing to meet these guidelines can lead to some form of punitive action from the state.
  • Helps improve employee motivation – a business that notes the importance of maintaining a Covid-19 free environment can sub communicate the right message to its staff. The message would be to provide a clean environment so that your patrons stay healthy and prevent any spread. 


General Cleaning

  • Using good old soap and water can be a good way to start cleaning surfaces around your business place. Using soap helps to kill the virus and helps reduce the exposure issues. 
  • Use disinfectants and sanitizing products as required. The EPA has information on products you can use in this category. 
  • If you start up can’t keep up with the costs associated with sanitizing procedures, you can still opt for DIY solutions. The CDC provides in-depth information on using household products for this purpose. 
  • Avoid stockpiling on disinfecting products since this can lead to shortages in your area.

 Controlling Exposure

Aside from fogging and disinfecting your business, you still have to practice conventional prevention methods. These include:

  • Continue recommending social distancing. Get face covering, and clean your hands regularly with water and soap. You can also recommend the use of an alcohol-based sanitizer. 
  • Remember, the coronavirus can exist for days on surfaces, so you have to regularly recommend cleaning procedures.
  • Bright light and warm temperatures can decrease the time the virus can exist on most surfaces or the air. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Between ULV fogging and electrostatic spraying, which method is effective?

  1. While both of these techniques are highly effective, fogging is a more effective solution than electrostatic spraying. Fogging is commonly used by airline companies and hospitals. 

Q. Which product is suitable for disinfecting my place of business?

  1. There are various products you can use for disinfecting your business. It all depends on your budget and ability to access specific cleaning agents. Practice caution at this step as some cleaning agents can be harmful to your health. The CDC has excellent information you can use for this step.

Q. I am planning to re-open my business; what should I know?

  1. Many businesses around the country have opened despite the challenges associated with the pandemic. The key to success for most of these businesses is practicing the correct prevention and care techniques. 

If you have closed your business for the past few months, you may have to consider more than just sanitizing your building. Here are a few solutions to consider before re-opening your place of business.


Overall, it’s you who has sole responsibility for the activities and well-being of your business. The pandemic has presented various challenges, and businesses that apply the right prevention and care techniques can push through these tough times. 

So, when one asks, “should you fog, disinfect, and sanitize your place of business?” The answer is yes! It’s a simple process once you get the hang of it, and you can also seek a reliable service provider’s help. 

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