Christmas Light Safety: 10 Best Practices

by | Dec 10, 2022

The holiday season is finally here, a time for families to come together to celebrate the season. Amid all the enjoyment of the lights and decorations, we must prioritize safety when setting up and displaying Christmas lights.

Besides investing in professional Christmas lights installation by ClearView Home Services, take the following steps to ensure Christmas lights safety.  

  • Inspect the Lights Before Hanging

Setting up Christmas lights is an exciting tradition. However, we often forget to check the lights for any faults before hanging them. 

Like any electronic gadget, inspecting the lights thoroughly before installing them is critical. You want to ensure you have no broken or blown bulbs. Check the wires for signs of fray or discoloration. 

Avoid using any Christmas light strings you suspect have issues. If you see no signs of damage, plug the lights in to ensure all bulbs are working correctly before mounting them.

  • Use Lights for the Correct Purpose

If you purchase Christmas lights designed for indoor use, don’t install them outdoors. Indoor lights often can’t withstand harsh elements like cold and snow. Due to their limited wire coverings, these lights can cause sparks and shocks, blowing your fuses and creating a fire hazard. 

Also, ensure you take down outdoor Christmas lights by January. These lights can tolerate only limited outdoor exposure rather than year-round use. 

  • Upgrade to LED Lights

Another valuable Christmas lights safety measure is replacing your incandescent lights with LED ones. While they are relatively more expensive, LED lights are much safer for indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting. 

They produce significantly little light, making them excellent for holiday decorations. LED Christmas lights can also last up to five times longer and consume 75% less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. 

  • Invest in a GFCI Outlet 

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are specialized plugs. They shut your power off at the outlet instead of the entire house in case of an electrical fault or trip. A GFCI outlet can be especially beneficial if you plug your Christmas lights around damp areas that carry a higher risk of electric shocks. 

  • Use the Right Extension Cord

Using the right extension cord to plug your Christmas lights into an electrical outlet is critical. Ensure you use a cable designed for outdoor door use rather than one intended for indoor use. It is also essential to keep your extension cords dry and off the ground. 

  • Choose the Right Ladder 

You will need a ladder to install Christmas lights in high areas. Avoid metal ladders, as they conduct electricity and can cause electrical shocks. 

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, fibreglass and wooden ladders are best for hanging lights. They effectively prevent electrical shocks. 

  • Use the Right Mounting Method

Mounting is another key consideration when installing Christmas lights. Nails driven in the walls can mount your lights well, but they often damage sidings and trims. 

Instead, opt for clips that attach to roofing shingles or gutters. Adhesive hooks are also excellent choices. These options can last the entire season without damaging your property. 

  • Never Leave Lights on Unattended

Turning the Christmas lights off is highly advisable when sleeping or vacating the house. You risk fire hazards and other incidents with no one to monitor your lights. Consider investing in remote controls that switch your indoor and outdoor lights off at the touch of a button. 

If you often forget about your outdoor Christmas lights, install an automated timer that illuminates your decorations when night falls. You can also program them to turn the lights off at sunrise. 

  • Remove Outdoor Lights within 90 Days

The longer your exterior lights stay up, the higher their risk of suffering damage from weather elements and pests. 

  • Store Christmas Lights Safely 

Storing your lights when tangled will often result in broken sockets, damaged cords, and other issues. Once the holidays are over, coil each light strand loosely around a strong piece of cardboard and wrap it in cloth or paper. Store it in an airtight container until the next season. 

Professional Christmas Light Installation Company in Surrey, BC

Now that you know the best Christmas lights safety practices, hire a Christmas lights installation contractor to ensure the most impressive results. ClearView Home Services is the go-to provider of Christmas light installation in Surrey, BC and the surrounding areas. 

We offer commercial-grade LED lights that are not only exceptionally durable but also five times brighter than standard Christmas lights. Call us today at (604) 944-9972 for all your Christmas light installation needs. 

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