Affordable Christmas Lights Installation Cost in British Columbia: Key Factors

by | Oct 10, 2022

Hiring experts to install your Christmas Luminous allows you to bring your Christmas light vision to life without the stress and hassle involved in doing it yourself. 

Plenty of work goes into installing Christmas Luminous, including hauling them out of storage, ensuring they’re in working condition, and hanging them up to meet your holiday decorating preferences.

Several factors could affect the Christmas lights installation cost in British Columbia. On average, clients pay between $149 and $599 for professional Christmas light installation services. Every project differs, so your best bet is to call or email the luminous installation company for an estimate. 

New materials add to the installation costs in the first year, and installers price them by the foot. Large LED Christmas lights cost $1.59 per foot, while small LEDs cost $1.04 per foot. At ClearView Home Services, we use commercial-grade LED luminous that you can’t find in stores. They’re five times brighter than traditional LED lights, are extremely durable, and have a long lifespan. 

Let’s highlight the factors that affect the cost of installing Christmas luminous in British Columbia.

Christmas Lights Installation Cost Based on the Size of Your Home

The key factor that affects the cost of Christmas lights installation in British Columbia is the size of your home. The bigger your house, the more Christmas luminous you’ll need to cover your roof and walls.

Pricing often includes planning the design and layout, renting Lit, safety equipment, and labour. The costs may also include maintenance if you experience electrical issues or Lit burn out.

At ClearView Home Services, we include light removal costs in the original quote, so you never have to worry about surprise charges.

The cost of Christmas light installation also depends on the number of storeys your house has.

Christmas Lights Installation Cost for High Roofs: Key Considerations

Installing Christmas Lit on a high and challenging roof costs more than on a standard roof. High roofs require special equipment, extended ladders, and additional safety measures, which increase the Christmas lights installation cost. Similarly, a roof with many bends will need more Lit and cost more to decorate.

Types of Lights

We offer a wide selection of Christmas lighting options, including LED and incandescent bulbs, available in both white and various colors.The price of your Christmas lights installation cost will vary depending on the lit you choose. You’ll have various colors to choose from to give your home the proper look for the holiday season.


Integrating the trees around your home into the overall decoration makes for a spectacular display, but expect to pay more. Small trees and shrubs cost about $10 to $20 to wrap, depending on the tree’s height. Large trees may take an entire day to wrap and cost more to decorate.

A beautiful spiral design that leaves spacing between the lines may not need as many strands as a tighter-spaced installation with hardly any dark spaces.

The Coverage of Your Home

The cost to install Christmas lights differs significantly depending on whether you want to install lights on the trim of your rooftop or throughout the entire home, which includes the roofline, trees, bushes, garlands, and wreaths.

Wiring Costs

Powering the Radiant may need new electrical outlets or wiring. You’ll need to hire an electrician to install an outdoor outlet for about $220. Depending on the type of radiant and size of your home, you may need more than one outlet.

Consider installing battery-operated Incandescent to avoid hooking the Incandescent to the electrical supply. Timers allow lights to turn on and off at scheduled times. Each timer costs between $10 and $50. 


Christmas lights installation cost companies will often give discounts to customers who schedule installation before the busiest season starts. At ClearView Home Services, we start booking as soon as Sept 1st and up to December 15th. Booking before October 1st earns you a discount of 10% off the regular price on your invoice.

Professional Christmas Lights Installation Company in British Columbia

DIY Christmas lighting installation may save money but takes time to install. Hiring professionals ensures faster installation and takedown, safer wiring, and overall safety.

Now that you understand the factors that affect Christmas lights installation cost, it’s time to find highly experienced light service experts for the job. Look no further than ClearView Home Services.

As a leading Christmas Incandescent installation company in the area, we provide homeowners with the best Christmas Incandescent installation services at affordable prices. 

Contact us today at (604) 944-9972 to learn more about our exterior house cleaning services and book an appointment for quick and efficient Christmas light installation.


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